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Maureen Wise

Green and parenting freelancer

Writer and higher ed sustainability coordinator. Expertise in water quality, green lifestyle and eco-parenting.

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NASA Says to Keep Kid Friendly Houseplants | Univision/ Piccolo Universe

We spend a lot of time in our homes, especially during the winter months. Although few of us really suffer from "sick building syndrome" in our dwellings, a few houseplants can boost air quality, add visual interest to decor and bring the outdoors inside. Additionally, little people often enjoy caring for plants which easily turns into a teaching opportunity for you. article

On Global Running Day, Get Your Kids Running - Safely | Papas y Mamas

Family exercise is an important part of childhood: teaching your little ones healthy habits early.

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Do You Have Fun Activities Planned to Celebrate Star Wars Day With Your Kids Yet? | Papas y Mamas

Whether you are an entry level Padawan learner Star Wars fan or a seasoned Jedi Master sitting on the Jedi Council, there are lots of easy last minute ways to celebrate May 4th - Star Wars Day. (Get it? May the FOURTH... be with you!)