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Maureen Wise

Green and parenting freelancer

Writer and higher ed sustainability coordinator. Expertise in water quality, green lifestyle and eco-parenting.

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Five Easy, Money Saving Green Laundry Hacks | Piccolo Universe

Five Easy, Money Saving Green Laundry Hacks - Picco...

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Five Spring Vegetable Dip Ideas for a Healthy, Flavorful Snack | Tom's of Maine

Springtime is around the corner, and your garden is certainly ready. Do you have a plan for the plethora of produce you’ll be picking? Be ready with the perfect snack: spring vegetable dip!

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Citizen Scientists Track Bee Health and Shed Light on Colony Collapse Disorder | EcoWatch

Individuals can be part of the solution—and the fun—by keeping bees themselves. To construct the hives...

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Calculating Your Foodometer: How Far Food Travels From Farm to Fork | Tom's of Maine

While most children are more focused on trying to convince you that their broccoli isn’t hidden in their napkins, they also know that getting around the table as a family cements respectful, working relationships. What isn’t obvious to them is that food grown or produced closer to home is better for them and their surrounding environment.

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Considering Water Supply Protection at Your Family’s Home | Toms of Maine

You probably know all about conserving water at your home, but you may not be aware of how to reduce water pollution as a family—especially the water you drink.

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Teaching Kids Proper Electronic Disposal and Recycling Practices

Become an expert on the greenest methods for battery recycling, electronic disposal, and health and beauty-product reuse.

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Sneak in Daily Cardio (and Extra Steps) Without a Hassle | Toms of Maine

Busy schedules and cold weather can often keep you inside, and sometimes it’s just impossible to get the recommended amount of daily cardio.

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Choose Environmentally Friendly Clothing for a Stylish Change | Good Matters Blog

How can clothing be green, you ask? And what is eco-friendly clothing, exactly? There are many facets and sustainable threads to consider, so you can find what works best for you and your family.

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Spring Yard Cleanup with the Kids for a Sustainable Summer | Tom's of Maine

Keep the planet in mind during your spring yard cleanup to make your relaxation even easier. With these ideas, you can get your kids involved to make it more fun!

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Green Cleaning Recipes Perfect for Spring | Piccolo Universe

With kids in your home, you may be considering the switch to green cleaning methods to reduce toxins and possible poisons. Some cleaning products are quite harmful if ingested while others cause isolated indoor air pollution, making it hard to breath. Below are some ideas for green cleaning recipes to get you started on the route to a different kind of clean.

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Hypermiling Tips for Getting the Most from Your Gas Tank | Good Matters Blog

You can catch the bus downtown, take your bike to the bank, or walk to a friend’s house. There are times and places, however, where you really just need to be in your car. It’s hard to bring your cat to the vet on a bike or your kids to school, along with their science experiments, on the bus. So if you’re in a vehicle, make the most of it and start hypermiling!

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Collecting Rainwater to Use in Your Family's Garden | Good Matters Blog

Involving your children in gardening is more than a lesson in yardwork; it teaches them the beginning aspects of sustainability. Collecting rainwater to hydrate your family garden is especially worth it, not only because gets your kids thinking about how plants grow but also because it starts a conservation about why these plants are important.

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NASA Says to Keep Kid Friendly Houseplants | Univision/ Piccolo Universe

We spend a lot of time in our homes, especially during the winter months. Although few of us really suffer from "sick building syndrome" in our dwellings, a few houseplants can boost air quality, add visual interest to decor and bring the outdoors inside. Additionally, little people often enjoy caring for plants which easily turns into a teaching opportunity for you.

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Sustainable Transportation Ideas to Start Greening Your Commute

ustainable transportation improves your daily life, the air quality in your neighborhood, and the affordability of your commute. Thankfully, when considering greening your daily commute to work or school, you have lots of options—many of which are fun and collaborative.

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Solar System for Kids: How Learning about Space Benefits Earth | Tom's of Maine Good Matters Blog

It’s captivating to look beyond our own small, blue planet and survey the rest of the solar system to gain a further appreciation for our natural resources.