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Maureen Wise

Green and parenting freelancer

Writer and higher ed sustainability coordinator. Expertise in water quality, green lifestyle and eco-parenting.

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Five Easy, Money Saving Green Laundry Hacks | Piccolo Universe

Five Easy, Money Saving Green Laundry Hacks - Picco...

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Green Cleaning Recipes Perfect for Spring | Piccolo Universe

With kids in your home, you may be considering the switch to green cleaning methods to reduce toxins and possible poisons. Some cleaning products are quite harmful if ingested while others cause isolated indoor air pollution, making it hard to breath. Below are some ideas for green cleaning recipes to get you started on the route to a different kind of clean.

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Pack a Waste Free School Lunch in Five Steps | Piccolo Universe

Pack a Waste Free School Lunch in Five Steps - Picc...

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Tummy Warming Pumpkin Recipes | Piccolo Universe

Chef Cameron Krahel's Pumpkin Bisque - first time published online!

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Ditch the Formaldehyde and Use Natural Nail Polish Instead | Piccolo Universe

Ditch the Formaldehyde and Use Natural Nail Polish ...

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Get Your Kids to Wear Sunscreen with Games! | Piccolo Universe

Before you head to the beach, water park, or your family like, consider these ideas to get your kids to wear sunscreen - and understand its importance.

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Is Your Family Using Safe Cosmetics? | Piccolo Universe

There is an increasing concern over some of the components that make up these products. Do yourself and your family a favor and learn more about safe cosmetics.

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Family Anecdotes Help Grown Ups Learn About Love Too | Piccolo Universe

At our home, we have a large wall in our dining room filled with vintage family photos. It's a gathering of generations and our two year old son can tell visitors about most of the images.

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Making Thanksgiving Greener with the Kids | PIccolo Universe

While preparing for the feast day, consider a few greener options for your gathering and the Earth will be thankful too! Kids can help a lot with these tasks and can take the lead telling party goers the ins and outs of how to participate. Your guests will listen better when someone small is giving the directions: I promise.

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Teaching Your Kids about Poison Ivy | Piccolo Universe

One of the most important plants to learn to identify is poison ivy, Toxicodendron radicans. Brushing against the vine will give most people a most uncomfortable itch!

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Five Steps for Gardening with Your Toddler | Piccolo Universe

Five Steps for Gardening with Your Toddler - Piccol...

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Green Living New Year's Resolutions for You and Your Family | Piccolo Universe

Many families make weight loss or financial New Year's resolution goals at the start of the year. Why not break the fad and make green living resolutions this year instead?

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Natural Flu Remedies for Babies and Tots | Piccolo Universe

No one likes being sick but we all know that when a little kid is under the weather, the whole household feels lousy too. It can be a frustrating time for caregivers because there aren't many over the counter meds that work to combat cold symptoms for such little people other than pain and fever reducers.

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Should Your Family Go BPA Free? | Piccolo Universe

Look around you - really look. There is. so. much. plastic. And it's hiding in places you don't expect! BPA isn't in every plastic but it surrounds us.

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Are Cloth Diapers Right for Your Family? | Piccolo Universe

Are Cloth Diapers Right for Your Family? - Piccolo ...