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Maureen Wise

Green and parenting freelancer

Writer and higher ed sustainability coordinator. Expertise in water quality, green lifestyle and eco-parenting.

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Microbeads: What you didn't know and how it affects Clevelanders |

Have you heard the buzz on microbeads lately? Those tiny, hard particles in face soap, tooth paste, nail polish and even boat washing products are tiny pieces of plastic. Although they seem so puny and insignificant, the beads are causing a lot of trouble.

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How to save water outdoors |

With summer upon us, taking a scrutinizing look at your outdoor water usage is a good idea. Often outdoor water use greatly exceeds indoor water consumption due to watering the grass or filling up large kiddie pools.

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Reuse silica gel packets instead of tossing |

Silica gel packets come in a great array of product packaging from pepperoni to guitars and shoes. The packets usually state "do not eat" or even "throw away"and so many consumers believe them to be toxic. On the contrary, they wouldn't be in with that pepperoni if they were poisonous. These little pouches contain a non-toxic inert desiccant similar to sand that will dry out anything nearby.

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How Green are the Sochi Games? |

How Green are the Sochi Games? Winning the honor to host the Olympic Games brings with it a great responsibility to build all necessary sporting venues, manage visitors' travel, handle all the waste and recycling and too many other considerations to list that have a big impact on the environment. Sustainability is not a new idea for the Olympics and the Russians are trying to incorporate it into their Games.

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Twelve things you can recycle using USPS |

There are so many other items that end up in our trash bins that aren't included with our recycling. What about batteries or light bulbs? The bottle caps you take off for plastic bottle recycling and put in the landfill can be recycled through the mail as well as so many other items!