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Maureen Wise

Green and parenting freelancer

Writer and higher ed sustainability coordinator. Expertise in water quality, green lifestyle and eco-parenting.

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Img article top 10 best work from home jobs article

Top 10 Best Work From Home Jobs |

Parents know juggling children's sports, school and appointments plus a commute isn't easy. What if you could have a more flexible job or work from home exclusively?

1274987 teaching your kids kitchen safety article

Teaching Your Kids Kitchen Safety |

Teaching your children kitchen safety will get you cooking together. Set some ground rules and know how and when to introduce the real knife....

7 pieces of inspiration from working moms article

7 Pieces of Inspiration from Real Working Moms |

Parents are always looking for better work-life balance. But here's the first tip,
there's no such thing as real balance.

Img article nurturing the father son relationship how to keep it strong article

Nurturing the Father-Son Relationship: How to Keep It Strong |

For parents of a young child, the threat of teenager-hood is always looming. Building a strong relationship with your kid before this notoriously troublesome time hits is important. According to the American Psychological Association, a study by "Developmental Psychology" suggests that strong, early relationships with fathers can help sons better withstand stress later in life.

1274986 learning child cpr can save your child s life article

Learning Child CPR Can Save Your Child's Life |

Knowing how to react in an emergency situation can save the life of your child or someone else's. Know the basics about child CPR....